Carpentry Schools

Carpentry schools are an excellent way to receive the training needed to move up the pay ladder in the construction industry. This type of training is available thru high school vocational classes, carpentry trade schools, and the local union carpenters regional training centers.

Vocational Schools

Are offered by local high schools and cover many of the common building trade subjects. These schools offer a basic general knowledge of several trades. Some of these include rough framing carpentry, finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and cooling).

Carpentry Trade School Courses

Are available at most city colleges, major universities, colleges, as well as any dedicated trade school. Trade schools offer numerous courses covering the building trade industry. These include but are not limited to hvac courses, electrician courses, carpenter courses, and many other trade degrees.

Union Carpentry Schools

Are available at local union training centers and involve a four year apprenticeship program be completed before becoming a journeyman carpenter.

After the four year apprenticeship is completed more in depth carpentry training is available on many subjects for a classroom fee.

Carpentry Foreman Course

Identifies the foreman's role as being the link between management and the crew members and how to adjust from being a working carpenter to becoming a foreman. Also discusses the skills needed to become a confident and effective leader.

Foreman topics include

  • Foreman's role
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Communication
  • Training for production
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Supervisor Carpentry Schools

    Leadership and Motivation Course

    Focuses on the skills that help supervisors effectively motivate and lead field employees, including craftsmen, foreman, subcontractors, engineers, and other field managers.

    Topics include

  • The leader in control
  • Leadership styles
  • Analyzing individual needs and behaviors
  • Positive influences on worker attitudes and abilities
  • The leader as goal setter, communicator, and coach
  • Getting commitment
  • Planning and Scheduling

    This carpentry schools course teaches that planning and scheduling on paper is more than just a formality, it can make the project run more smoothly. Learning to plan ahead using the techniques presented in this training course will put the supervisor more in control of the job.

    Will help to make the supervisors decisions more effective, and reduce the surprises that can come up during a normal working day.

    Topics include

  • The bar chart
  • The precedence diagram
  • The arrow diagram
  • The critical path
  • Using networks
  • Three phases of planning and scheduling
  • A large project CPM
  • Applying the schedule
  • Safety, Accident Prevention, and Loss Control

    Stresses the importance of accident prevention and loss control in the construction process. Acquaints carpentry supervisors with the basic elements of an effective safety program. Aids supervisors to operate within the company's existing safety program or in implementing their own. Provides information on recognizing job site hazards, sources of safety help, and information on common problem areas.

    Topics include

  • The high price of accidents
  • Safety communication and motivation
  • Documentation and inventories
  • Using reference material and advisory services
  • Security and traffic control
  • Using the project schedule to prevent losses
  • Assignment of responsibility and equipment maintenance
  • Common construction hazards
  • Government regulations and inspections
  • Tips on Carpentry Schools

    The bottom line is the more formal training you have the easier the job is for you to perform. A trade school course can help you get started with a small construction company of your own. That being said there is no substitute for on the job training.

    If you are a union carpenter looking to further your career, the local union training center is the place to go, there are many fine courses offered by them.

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